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Split Systems

Split Air Conditioner Installation System

At SEAC, we understand the importance of having a high quality split system air conditioner. That’s why we offer design, installation, maintenance, and repairs that you can trust. Recognised as a leading provider of heating and cooling solutions within Melbourne and Victoria, SEAC guarantees outstanding results. All of our qualified split system air conditioning specialists undergo a rigorous training program to ensure their workmanship is of the highest standard. Let the SEAC team give you the freedom of temperature control.

Split air conditioner systems are great for space-saving and energy efficiency. These units employ split system mechanics to providing cooling and heating for the ultimate in climate control. They are constructed from two separate sections, internal and external, that are interlinked by piping. Split air conditioner systems work by transferring hot and cold air from one place to another. The outside unit (compressor) of the conditioner pressurises gas that acts like a sponge when heated under pressure.

Split system air conditioning gives you the ability to maintain different temperatures in different rooms of your commercial property. In doing this you are able to control running costs, reducing them through room-specific heating or cooling. SEAC offers premium split system installation services that provide high quality results for excellent performance, functionality, and longevity.

One of the great advantages of these systems is the low level of noise that they produce. In comparison to other types of air conditioners, the split system produces minimal noise due to the external location of the compressor. The location of the compressor also means that the majority of maintenance and repairs take place outside, avoiding disruption and inconvenience. As a result, split system installation is a convenient option for commercial and business properties.

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