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Hvac Systems Faq

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC systems are important not only for controlling temperature, but also for humidity, air pressure and indoor air quality. Having the right temperature and air quality in your industrial or commercial property is very important. The right atmosphere can enhance comfort, improve workplace productivity and increase customer sales.
At SEAC Airconditioning we’re dedicated to providing excellent HVAC systems through high quality services and products. All of our air conditioning specialists are fully qualified and experienced in their field, ensuring each job is completed the highest standards. We select all of our units and parts from the leading brand names that are provided by our trusted suppliers.


What types of HVAC Systems does SEAC Airconditioning Division supply?

We have a range of HVAC solutions, including plant-based systems, VRF-based units, package units, and split units. After evaluating your site we will determine the most appropriate HVAC system for you, ensuring it is in line with your budget.


What services does SEAC Airconditioning Division provide?

SEAC Airconditioning supplies, installs, and services HVAC systems for both industrial air conditioning and commercial air conditioning settings. We provide comprehensive post-installation care and services, to make sure that your unit is performing to the highest standard. In addition to this, we have access to a full range of manufacturers and can service or refurbish pre-existing systems.


What can I expect from the HVAC systems that SEAC Airconditioning Division supplies?

We only use reputable, leading brand, HVAC systems that comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. Your building is assessed by a qualified engineer to identify the best solution, which will be installed by a fully licensed technician.


What is the HVAC system installation procedure?

Prior to beginning any work we will evaluate your property to select the right unit, or assess your existing unit to identify its condition. Once the engineer and design team has had an opportunity to inspect the building and conditions, they will make a comprehensive recommendation and quotation. Included in this will be a realistic timeframe for completion.

What kind of aftercare can I expect from SEAC Airconditioning Division?

We offer a six year warranty on all workmanship, while the warranty on individual parts is dependent on the manufacturers. SEAC provides regular servicing as well as a 24/7 emergency breakdown service that has a guaranteed response time.


Would you’d like to know more about industrial HVAC and commercial HVAC installation, service and repair? Call our friendly team on 1300 818 450 or email enquiries@seac.com.au